India House-Handcrafted Dhokra Art Candle Holder for Home Decor | Decorative Traditional Candle Stand (4.3 x 2.7 x 4.3)


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India House Presents Handmade Artifacts made by Indian Artisans. They can be use as Christmas Day Gifts, Housewarming Party Gifts. Holidays Gifts, Gift for Mother, Gift for Friend, Gift for Loved Ones, Granny Gift, Gift for Father, Gift for Girlfriend or Boyfriend or for your own to Decorate your Interior. You will find every thing here. !!!

Decorate your home with An ancient method of making metal artifacts “Dhokra Art”, encompassing brass metal and wrought iron designs, . This beautiful artwork will provide a Traditional yet Modern look to your ambience. This is a Metal Casting Tribal art form of around 5000 years old and still in use today due to its simplicity, folk designs and vintage looks. It could take up to one month to create single piece due to a lot of process involved in Dhokra Art. This Ancient Art has been passed down generation to generation to highlight perfect union between Traditional and Modern Art . Its a perfect platform to showcase the innovation and evolution of our civilization .

This candle holder is crafted from quality metal featuring a nature inspired decor to accentuate the interiors of your home

The looks of a Candle Holder is prevalent. However, that’s the most attractive point of the vase. It can be used with anything and goes well with everything. It is the perfect item to have for a simple modern look.

Looks cute and smooth by using surface polished craft,you will never get hurt, It Can be placed in your room to refresh the decor appeal of short spaces.

This traditional candle wall sconces is a perfect relaxation item that can be used in times of meditation and yoga practice, during spa, aromatherapy, massages and any house-hold purposes.

Enhance the decor value of the temple, house, office, hotel, etc. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new venture, award ceremonies,Christmas etc.Traditional Design Very appealing and Eye Catching


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