India House-Oil Burner Aroma Diffuser|Soapstone Tea Light Holder|Hand Carved Jali work| 5 inch


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India House presents the huge range of Handmade Oil burners and Tea light candle holders in various designs made by Indian Artisans. They can be use as Christmas Day Gifts, Housewarming Party Gifts. Holidays Gifts, Gift for Mother, Gift for Friend, Gift for Loved Ones, Granny Gift, Gift for Father, Gift for Girlfriend or Boyfriend or for your own to create a pleasant ambiance using your favorite fragrance or essential oils.
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Key features:

Product Specification: Soapstone Oil Burner 5 inch
Excellent Design: Soapstone Oil Burner easy to place in and out tea light candle.
It has two pieces: one lower pot for placing the tea light candle and a bowl for water and Essential Oil.
The tea light warms up the essential oils in stone saucer to diffuse aromas and fragrance. Essential oils smell great, reduce stress, treat fungal infections, and help you sleep
This oil burner is hand crafted by authentic Indian artisans which will provide a combination of classic and modern look to your space.
Why customers love it: Customers love the way the light from the window enters the center of our soapstone bowls when placed on the sill, highlighting the pattern of their individual carvings. They provide hours of enjoyment as the warm light of the candle can be seen flickering through the various carved patterns.

Manufacturing process:
Soap stone or Soft stone oil burners, Tea light candle holders or other artifacts are easy to carve in various shapes and patterns. People have been carving unique, symbolic and colorful creations with this medium for thousands of years. Soap stone rock is not like other rocks.Like its name it’s very soft for carving into decorative pieces for your home. because of its high mineral content of talc. The more talc it has in it, the softer its grade. Soapstone with high talc content can even possess a soapy feel when touched. It can absorb heat, store it and radiate it out evenly.

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